Congratulations on your 30th anniversary from the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport

As the Past-President of the North American Society for the Sociology of Sport (NASSS), I am thrilled to send a sincere and heartfelt congratulations on the 30th anniversary of the Japan Society of Sport Sociology. Thirty years is a tremendous milestone for any organization. It demonstrates the enduring importance of sport sociology in Japan and the commitment to ongoing research on sport. Further, your success shows the growth and success of sport sociology throughout the world.


Attending the annual NASSS conference over the past twenty years, I have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful, brilliant scholars from Japan. I truly hope that we can return to these collaborations and international sharing in the very near future.


The cost of travel has always been the major barrier to our organizations developing even closer ties. One upside to the Corona Virus pandemic is the increasing use of online platforms to hold conferences. Perhaps our organizations can plan a trans-Pacific sport sociology conference virtually. This could bring in organizations from around the Pacific Rim to strengthen trans- Pacific partnerships and report on the global state of sport.


In the meantime, let me once again congratulate you all on your 30th anniversary. Sincerely,

Jeffrey Montez de Oca, PhD

Past-president 2020-2021, North American Society for the Sociology of Sport Associate Professor of Sociology & Graduate Director

Founding Director, Center for Critical Sport Studies University of Colorado Colorado Springs